Automatically Tag and Organize your Images with the Power of AI

Smart Image Tagger is a Software that can automatically detect image content and tag images based on the content.It also can organize images to folders based on the detected Tag.

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Solve your image Organization issues with Smart Image Tagger

Smart Image Tagger can tag and organize your image collection using AI Powered Image Recognition Technology


Uses Cloud powered algorithms to recognize image contents accurately.

Organize Images to Folders
Organize Images to Folders

Automatically Tags and moves images to folders based on the recognized tag

Intuitive User Interface
Intuitive User Interface

Simple but Intuitive and Powerful User Interface

Pay as you go
Pay as you go

No fixed charges.You pay for what you use.

Bulk Processing
Bulk Processing

Process Image Collection in Bulk from Folder,SubFolder or External Device

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

We are always happy to help 🙂

Quick and Easy Workflow

Simple,Intuitive and Powerful User Interface

  • Create your account

    Start by Creating your Account with your Email and Password

  • Add Images

    Add images individually or add from folder or a group of folders/Device

  • Choose your Options

    Set number of Tags,Output Folder and Proceed

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1. Automatically Recognizes Image Content and adds Tags

The cloud powered intelligent engine detects the subject in the image and adds appropriate tags.The tags vary from general to very specific.

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2. Organizes Images to Folders Automatically based on detected Tags

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How to use Smart Image Tagger?

Our Customers Love our Product

Smart Image Tagger is a Great Tool.It saved me a lot of time helping me organize my ever growing image collection.

Gary Turner

I take photos of Birds,Flowers,People and different subjects.I had my images scattered in my system.This tool helped me to cleanly organize them to separate folders quite easily.

Sara Anderson

Tagging Images with the tags corresponding to image content manually was a hard task for me until i started using Smart Image Tagger.

Andrew Jeffery

Transparent Pricing,Pay as You Go

Pay for only what you use.


  • 10000 Image Processing Credits
  • Standard Support
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  • 20000 Image Processing Credits
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  • 50000 Images
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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Image Tagger is a Software that helps you to organize your large image collection by automatically detecting the content of the Image by using Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Image Tagger uses Advanced Artificial Intelligence based algorithms to perform Content Detection in an image of a Dog will be automatically detected and tagged with with tags like Dog,Animal etc

Smart Image Tagger can detect content of an image,tag these images with the detected tags.It also can also organize the images by creating folders corresponding to the most general tags and copying the images belonging to these tags to their corresponding folders.

We have transparent pay as you go prices.You can purchase Image processing credits which can be used to process specific number of images.Upon exhausting the credits,you have to refill again.

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